Of course,

Seeing big numbers on a tape measure Order Steroids Online at or scale, or striving for the feeling of your

clothes being tight all over your body, and not paying enough

attention to stripping away fat, achieving ultimate definition and

contest quality, will give you one inevitable result-you’ll lose.

And that I can tell you from experience.

The Elements of Competition Training

The Competition Training Program involves a number of new

elements beyond Advanced Training:


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An even higher volume of training


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A faster training pace


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An additional number of intensity training principles and a

wider variety of exercises


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A significant change in diet jsee Contest Dieting, p. 695)

Analyzing and correcting your weak points becomes enormously important as you train for competition.

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Whereas you

might previously have given weaker areas priority, now you must

become a fanatic about correcting these imbalances. Of course,

you have to realize that only so much can be done in a few weeks

or months of training-totally correcting every weak area may


take a year or two-but you do as much as humanly possible to

produce the most nearly perfect physique to enter into competition.

Training for Maximum Muscularity

Attaining the highest possible quality for competition involves a

change in workout’style. You need to:

1. Cut down your rest time between sets. Instead of a oneminute interval buy testosterone enanthate online body-muscles.com, try to rest for only thirty seconds.



I’ve ever had.

in the gym expecting you to show up no matter what the weather

is like, how much sleep you got the night before, or how you

happen to be feeling.

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It is unlikely that both of you will have a

down day at the same time, so if one of you is not feeling energetic, the other can put extra energy into the workout to inspire

and motivate both of you .

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Franco and I used to compete constantly, each trying to lift more weight than the other and do

more sets and reps.

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But we weren’t competing in order to defeat


each other- we simply used competition to create an atmosphere

in which any incredible effort seemed possible.

But one word of warning: as great as it is to have a good training

partner, having a bad one is sheer disaster.

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Don’t train with anyone unless he really helps you. Training with some people will

training partners

make you feel like you have been pumped full of energYi but with

others, like your muscles testosterone enanthate or cypionate body-muscles.com have been shot with novocaine.

I have relied on different training partners for different results

My training was always firstrate when 1 had training

partners like Franco Columbu

and Ken Waller to push me.


Casey Viator was one of the

most powerful training

partners I’ve ever had.

Nobody in modern

bodybuilding is more

massively developed than

England’s Bertil Fox.

Training with Ed Corney got

me in my best possible shape

for the 1975 Mr. Olympia in

South Africa.

Franco Co1umbu, fusup


training partners

as weightlifters, which gives

us a muscle density that

bodybui1deTS who have not